Principle base for Reincarnation

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1)  Here you will know (otherwise you will confirm)  that before birth also you had existed and after death also you will have existed.

2)  What is the base for natural phenomena of conservation and invariance. (Before including this subject in theory, I had made discussions in 3 different science forums. Links are given at below post “Hello world”. You can visit the forums to see about these subjects.)

Presently I am discussing about natural phenomena in following forums. If you have doubt about the theory, then visit these forums & you may ask questions.


3) A proof for God existence. After reading this,  any one will not able to say as “God has not existed” even truth accepting atheists also.
(About God existence discussion has made at this site “here know me as namaste”

Click here to read Principle-Base-for-Reincarnation (Prem parvathi principle, theory)

If you do not have pdf software then   click here

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